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your own place, for any moment of the day.

Opened daily from 7.30 until 17.00 for breakfast, smoothie bowls, breakfast-bowls, sweets and your daily 'caffeine fix'

Additionally open Thursday to Sunday our kitchen serves a colorful Lunch and Brunch.




In the Amsterdam neighbourhood De Pijp, in an unique building directly at the Albert Cuyp Market 88 which used to be occupied by the fire house...


Voilà Kazerne88. An inviting spot for everything in the category of coffee, breakfast, lunch brunch and juices.


Decorated in fresh tints and a dash of 'urban', but mainly with an endless range of sweets and savory dishes, both vegan and non-vegan.


Crispy Croissants and Juicy Brownies are shown off at the bar, the carrot & red velvet cake are ready to be cut, and the sound of the juicer in the background while waiting on your fresh and homemade juice.


The Kitchen Team decorate colorful salads, toasts, benedicts and bowls. While using only local and qualitative products.


Also, if you are celebrating, or desperately in search of a trendy spot, Kazerne88 can help you out.


Breakfast, lunch, brunch & Coffee

an offer for anyone, any day

Kazerne88 likes to describe itself as the local back-garden of 'De Pijp'. A coffeehouse with a food menu.


'The' place for you to meet-up, unwind, read a book, work or have a nice Brunch. 

Additionally, we like to serve you your coffee just the way you like. So don't be a stranger and tell our Barista you specific wishes. 


This is why the menu of Kazerne88 offers a variety of caffeine drinks in many different ways. So there's an offer for anyone. The Barista is happy to make te perfect lattés, cappuccinos or drip coffee.


The menu is designed for the coffee and food fussy. The ones who arent satisfied with 'just' coffee, 'just' breakfast or 'just' lunch. We want to show you that healthy, delicious, fresh and 'nice' doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. We offer an affordable, quick and nicely made dishes for anyone, any day. Both vegans and non-vegans.


Kazerne88 offers a place for any agenda. Both quick and elaborate breakfast or lunch. Working 'out-of-office' or just relaxing with a book. 


We offer a hospitable and relaxing fresh vibe to anyone.


Also we like to help you with your event, celebration or meeting.




My dear Coffee Addicts,

'It's faith that brought us together'

Cause we are addicts too!



We serve coffee from Bocca and we serve it any way you like.






small or large - we got you!


Our Barista loves to make your perfect coffee. With organic milk, Oatly, Coconut, Almond. Or Matcha, Chai, Goldenmilk. Someting for everyone.



We make our espresso with Gusto. An organic Blend of Brazilian & Ethiopian Arabica beans. A blend which is both sweet and sour with tones of milk chocolate, berries & honey. 


A blend made for that extra 'kick'



Our Drip-Coffee is made with the HarioV60 and 100% Ethiopian Arabica beans. These beans are originally fruity, flowery and have a soft sour. This just for your Drip Coffee.


Our filter coffee is made with a weekly changing blend. To be ordered per pot, or per glass.







Kazerne88 has a broad menu for anyone and everything that is delicious. With focus on Breakfast & Brunch.

Daily we serve breakfast all day long. And from Thursday to Sunday we open our kitchen for Lunch & Brunch as well.

The menu varies from Eggs Benedicts with a home-made hollandaise, breakfast burritos, french toast and a variation of breakfast bowls, toasts, cakes, sweets and american pancakes.


We try to only work with organic, local and animal friendly products. For us it is important that the food is both delicious, colorful and have a minimal impact on the world.


If coffee isn't your thing, we serve many vitamin packed juices, teas and tea lattés.


All we do, is with love, home-made and with eye for quality & an affordable price for our guests.




The Menu



Looking for an unique and centrally located venue for your meeting or event? Kazerne88 offers various possibilities for your gathering. Will it be a meeting, workshop or (company)party.


Our location packs a great ambiance that adds value to the succes of your event.


Audio facilities and Wifi is available.


We strive for a personally customized offer.


Albert Cuypstraat 88 / hello@kazerne88.nl / opened daily 8.00 till 17.00

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